Forwarding Twilio to your Cell

Lets say you have a need to have phone numbers in multiple cities, and you want all those phone numbers to be forwarded directly to your cell phone. Using the services of and the function of the twiDial app you have the ability to route incoming calls to your cell and dial outbound from your cell using any caller ID number you can validate.

For this article we will focus on the incoming part of the call. If you want to learn more about how to call from your cell phone using any multiple outgoing caller ID values check this link.

To make this work you need an active account at that has been setup with at least one Twilio number and a credit card to handle the very low recurring per min costs. Once you have those details covered you are good to move to the next part.

Routing the incoming call…

Routing the call that is headed to the Twilio number is pretty simple. First navigate to the PHONE NUMBERS section of your account.


Once you are there you need to click the RED UNDERLINED PHONE NUMBER to bring up the modal view of the phone number settings.


In the number settings you need to paste this URL for the Request URL field. Take note you will want to replace the 12345678900 with the full phone number to call. Make sure you do not forget the country code (USA is 1).

Click Save and give your Twilio number a test call. You will find the call is immediately forwarded to your configured number. If you are curious about how this works and what other options you have such as building automated menus and a bunch of other options check out the other powerful Twimlet options you have here.




Forwarding Twilio to your Cell

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